Saturday, 22 March 2008


It seems quite surreal for me to be writing this, but today I ran.....

20.5 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, I have to say, you couldn't have had worse weather really. ( Well, maybe thunder and lightning would have been worse ) When my alarm went off at 7am I looked out of the window to see driving snow. Still, it wasn't sticking so I thought that I would rather get the run over and done with than put it off until tomorrow.

I had my porridge, tea, vitamin C drink, watched a bit of Sponge Bob, and then off I went !! I was very pleased with my layers ( 4 ) which kept me warm, along with gloves, warm hat and bandana, which came in very handy indeed. I had to pull it up several times over my face as I was sandblasted by the snow and hail !!!

I ran the first 8 miles by myself and then was joined by my Man, looking rather windswept and macho on his bike !! Together we set off into the blizzard. I took Go gels every hour and treated myself to a bit of energy bar at the halfway mark. At 15 miles my knee twinged a bit, but nothing too bad. I stretched my muscles and it was ok.

I hit the 20 mile mark at 4 hours 53 and ran with my arms overhead singing the theme from Rocky. Half a mile later we were home, muddy, chilly, but bloody HAPPY !!!!! And the good news is that I feel amazing - no aches, no pains, just happiness.

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Sue said...

Well done - and what a great man you have!

Not long now.....