Thursday, 3 April 2008

Nearly there...

So, only a little over a week and the BIG DAY will be here. I can't quite believe that the time has flown by so quickly. I went out yesterday and did 1 mile, but my hip felt sore still and I stopped. I would rather do very little and make sure I am fit on the day than go and do 5 miles that aggravate the problem. I have booked in to see a physio tonight just to get checked over. Hopefully she will tell me I am being a big wimp and that all is well.

I am certainly eating very well. Lots of fresh organic fruit and veg, pasta and free range meat. I went through my recipe books the other day and have organised my menu for the next week or so !! I had to sort out meals that were high carb, tasty and that all the family would eat !! I started last night with a lovely Nigella Lawson pasta with thinly sliced raw chestnut mushrooms, steeped in lemon, garlic and thyme. I was a bit dubious about the rawness, but in fact it was delicious !

My emotions are all over the place. I think really I need a jolly good cry. I had to go to my aunt's funeral on Tuesday which was difficult, as all these things are. It was both heart wrenching and yet we laughed like drains at points. It was so wonderful to be with all my family. My uncle ( to my horror ) shouted for everyone's attention just as I was leaving, and announced that I was doing the Marathon. It turned out that there was another runner there who had known my dad. We stood and chatted for ages. He does run/walk too and this will be his 4th marathon. This running/marathon business brings you together with so many people. No matter what level you are hoping to achieve, the fact that you are training for this incredible event brings you close, links you, gives you an understanding of each other.

All in all, this is a strange time. So near and yet so far. I am hugely encouraged by my lovely man and by my friends. I have met some fantastic people online too. The Realbuzz site has proved invaluable for the camaraderie and friendly advice. People like Sue, who has had to pull out through injury sadly, Annie, Kim and Glenn, Terry, Peter, Jeanette - all of them have supported me along the way like troopers and I have never even met them !! I even opened my page the other day to see that Liz Yelling had left me a message of encouragement. I am constantly amazed at who actually reads my scribblings !!

This journey, that started when my Dad died, nearly 8 years ago, is nearing the end. But I know that, in fact, this is not the end at all, this is one of the milestones on the way.
If I can get to that Start line pain free I will be ecstatic. If I can get to the Finish line...

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Sue said...

You must be so excited! Not long now. I hope the hip pain calms down - did the physio help?

I've really enjoyed following your journey - I really admire you. Training for a marathon is no mean feat especially starting from scratch. You've done everything right and it will all come together on the day!

I just wish I could have been there as well soaking up the atmosphere. I was reading my Runners World this week and there is a big article on the Marathon and it brought a tear to my eye, sob sob....still, perhaps next year.

Have a good taper!