Sunday, 23 November 2008

Here I go again...

Through all the weeks of not running there is a little voice, deep and distant in my head, calling " Go running! You must not give up ! " This morning that voice was calling even louder than usual - to the extent that I could no longer roll over in bed and ignore it. So, despite the weather, or maybe because of it, I donned my kit and ventured outside.

This morning it was very cold with snow on the ground and a steady sleety rain. Perfect !! I must be some sort of masochist because I actually really enjoy weather like this. There is something lovely about pacing the streets when everyone else is tucked up in their warm houses. I feel more alive.

Of course, having run very little since the summer ( you can see how rarely by my lack of posts on here ) I am very unfit. But I was happy to be outside. I love the feeling of my heart and lungs reawakening and I am so lucky to be able to go running.

Now, my next step is to actually go out again this week, and not leave it another month !

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