Monday, 23 March 2009

Come on , girl... get on with it.

When my alarm woke me up this morning I was in dire need of about 3 more hours sleep, but gamely I struggled up and out to work. The weather today was cold, windy, promising rain, but I had promised myself that I would run. So I did.

The one good thing about my poor efforts at the moment is that I am actually getting out there. Better to do something than nothing, I say. And, although this may sound pretty lame, I am finding that the old bod is falling to pieces slightly. I think it may be that I'm overweight, but there are constant niggles... my achilles, my back, my knee. Nothing too dire, but always just there.

Trust me, if you are out there and run like a Spring lamb with no thought of aches, pains or any other such grumbles... make the most of it!!

So, todays run... just over a mile and I had to walk a bit too.Possibly had something to do with the marmite toast and chocolate brownie I had lumping about in my tummy. I am getting to the stage where a diet might happen!! Still, I enjoyed the blustery wind and avoided any falling trees. I just need to run a couple more times this week.


Sue said...

Hi Sarah, well done for getting out there, that's the hardest part.

My hamstrings have been soooo sore since my run on Saturday - can't believe how totally unfit I am! Intending to go for a run after work today....

Sarah said...

Well done to you too! At least we are out there, as you say! S

Mos and Nikou said...

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Chuck Dilmore said...

may you find
moments of bliss
out there in your running shoes!

you will.
you're heading in the right direction!

Sarah said...

Hi Chuck...thanks for dropping by.Your comment has kicked me into action and I am going to run...soon!! S

ric said...