Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Marathon entered... must now train!!

Just a quick post to say that I went for a run today. I have applied ( again) for the Virgin London Marathon 2010 and thought that maybe I should get out there!! I am playing tennis once a week for an hour, football once a week for an hour and now I hope to be back running.

Today was good. My back feels fine so far and my achilles were a little stiff, but loosened up and felt fine. I have stretched well and am now heading for the shower!!I am eating very sensibly in the hope of losing some weight. I have put on over a stone ( 14 pounds) since the marathon in 2008 so I need to get back in shape.My poor old legs won't take this extra blubber!!

So, all well. Just need, as ever, to keep doing it!!

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Sue said...

Hi Sarah,

It is so hard to get back into the routine of running, isn't it! Well done on entering the Marathon, I don't think I could ever face training for that sort of distance again.

I, too, have put on a stone - that should be enough encouragement to get us out there!

Good luck with your training,