Monday, 27 August 2007

Back to training.

Having had a couple or 3 Physio sessions for my bad back I decided that it was high time that I got back on my training schedule. Today. I am now sitting here with wet hair and nicely aching muscles having run/walked for 25 minutes. I am really enjoying using my Nike+Ipod thingy. It lets me know how long I have been running and how long I have left. The other day in France I did my longest session yet and Paula Radcliffe came on to say " Well Done !!"

Today felt good although I do wish I could just run and run. Still, I'll get there. I have booked myself in to run a 10k race in October. I am quite excited to see how I do. The last one I ran, in May, I think, I was incredibly unfit. I was absolutely cream crackered by the time I finished. I would like to do this one in about an hour. That's my aim anyway!

As I was running home today it really struck me as to what I was doing. I am thinking of maybe getting a coach after Christmas. This race ( the Marathon ) is so huge for me and I think it might help to have someone who knows what they are talking about to give me some direction. I just want to get round without killing myself, and if I could do better than that I would be thrilled.

As I ran down my road I got a picture in my head of little old me running down the finishing stretch of the Mall, with all the crowds and other runners and I got a lump in my throat. Can I do this ? I want to so much. It is the most determined I have ever felt about anything.


tumblerum said...

I used a book called "4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon" for my training, and found it very good. It has plans for all different time targets, but is definately focused on helping someone who's new to running.

It well worth looking up in my opinion.

Kit said...

I'm training for my first marathon - it's in October. I wish you luck. It's a long road we run, but well worth it, from what I'm seeing so far! Good luck!

Sarah said...

Hello Tumblerun. Thanks, I'll look that one up. Congrats on your marathon!

Hi Kit. Is your marathon this October ? If so Wow !! Good Luck to you! I'll have to come check your blog to see how you get on. Brilliantly I hope.

Thank you both for the encouraging words !! Sarah

Erika said...

I noticed your post on Jessica's blog after she had finished her ironman.

I'm training for a half marathon in Nov and planning to race some triathlon's next season.

Like you I'm a Mom (and a single one at that.) but I find ways to fit in the training but it's been well worth it. Over the last year I lost about 30 pounds and several dress sized.

Good luck with your trainig. I think I'll follow your journey, I'm sure you'll do well.

Sarah said...

Hi Erica! Thanks for visiting and for your comment. If I could end up losing 30 pounds as a by product of running I would be thrilled ! Good Luck with your Half Marathon and do come back won't you ? Sarah

Anonymous said...

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