Thursday, 30 August 2007

Running with company.

A gorgeous day today and I couldn't wait to go for my run. The schedule said a 25 minute run was in order so off I went. And today I had company ! My 9 year old son decided that he would like to come along too ! Well, if you have ever run alongside a young antelope you will know how the run went. How wonderful to be so young and full of energy. " Well done, you're doing really well ! " I said to him. " Well done to you too, Mum ! " replied my little gazelle.

What a lovely run it was. How did I give birth to a child with such long legs ? Still, getting back to the training bit, I ran well and steadily. 15 minutes or so solid running before I had to walk for a bit, so that's good.

Oh, and I want to say that I am so touched by the many runners who are dropping by to read my blog. I am really encouraged by your positive comments and have been visiting your blogs to see how you go about things. I am going to post links to some interesting pages on the side bar. It is fascinating and inspiring to see how people have achieved so much. I feel like part of a bigger community.

I really ought to go to bed now as I have to go for an early run tomorrow. So, n'night !!


Erika said...

I love it when one of my kids joins me on a training session. I think it's a great way to teach them the value of phyisical activity and life long health.

Keep up the training you're doin awesome. Last year my "long" runs were about 30 min and it seemed like such a big leap to increase it to 45 min now my long runs are 1 hour and 50 min long and steadily increasing! Last year when I first got in the pool I could barely swim 2 lengths before stopping to rest. Although within a month I could go 8 then 16 but I would never have imagined that I could go 100 without stopping.
You will be surprised in no time at all when you realize how much you are progressing.

Sue said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for stopping by. Your training sounds like it's going well. How lovely to run with your son, it's a great bonding session.

I am in awe of you for even wanting to run the marathon. Good luck with your entry and your training.

Sarah said...

Thanks Erica! You give me hope ! I am going to swim this week and I know that I can only do 2 lengths of front crawl before having to stop. Breast stroke is easier, but I want to get better at crawl.

Hi Sue ! I enjoy your blog ! Yes, I do wonder, myself, some days at the folly I have embarked upon !! Still, now I've started to write about I feel obliged to continue !! S

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