Saturday, 1 September 2007

Happy, but unsure.

Do I look like a runner yet ??!!

You will be impressed, or maybe not, that I got myself up at 6.45, having finished blogging at 1am, to do my run. I didn't even use the alarm, but my body clock worked amazingly. I have done the same run all this week and have noticed a difference. I am quicker and can run faster. Good, good !

Today I went out and really enjoyed myself. Sometimes I play music on the Nike+Ipod thingy and sometimes ( more often ) I don't. Today there was music playing randomly and it made a nice change. It certainly makes you run faster listening to certain tracks !

I am wondering if I am on the right training schedule. I shall try to set up a link to show it on here, but right now I don't have time. Do any of you runners/bloggers have any suggestions of good plans that you could recommend please ? The race is not until next April, but I don't want to get this wrong ! I would be both very interested and grateful for any suggestions.

Now, I'd better scoot. Bye !


Erika said...

I tend to work on the principle of hard/easy days. I think many Marathon Runners work on a similar principle. Running is harder on the body so you have to be careful to not build up your distance to quickly or intensly before your body is able to handle it. Pick one day to be your long run day. Each week increase your endurance run by no more thatn 10%. Later one of your other days could be intervals or speed work. (If you want.) I think alot of runners shoot for 4 runs per week. I usually do 3 but I do tons of other cross training.

The other component to think about is to plan in recovery weeks also. This way you are less likely to get injured or overtrained. I generally train 3 hard 1 recovery. Meaning 3 weeks hard and one recovery week. The 3 weeks I build either intensity or distance by 10% but only one sport will increase per week. Then in the Recovery week I decrease my distance by half.

Another resource you might want to check out if you haven't allready is any marathon clinics or clubs in your area. It's a great way to meet lots of people doing the same thing you are and you will learn lots of new things to help meet your goal.

I hope this helps. Oh yeah and remember to stretch. This is one that I need to work on!

Sarah said...

Thanks Erika. This is really interesting, especially the " Recovery Week" idea. I must make sure I do that. I will sort out a link to my plan. It does seem pretty gentle and I'm going to start swimming. Hopefully I will gain in confidence as I go on. S

Erika said...

You will gain confidence fur sure!
I know I have.

wendy said...


Please feel free to use the marathon quote. I got it from somewhere else, not even sure where.

thanks for your nice comments. =) I'd love to see how you're training comes along.