Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Day 3......

Good Grief ! Its Day 3 already and I went for a run. My Man and I took the boys to cricket training and I ran back - about 2 miles ( possibly less ). It was lovely. I took the route through the fields and enjoyed every minute. The English countryside does wonders for one's state of mind !!

Having been an avid reader of Joshua's blog for some time I decided to copy his use of the Nike+Ipod. I went into town today and into JD Sports who sell it. If you don't know what a Nike+Ipod thingy is I will tell you. You bung your I-pod into an arm band and run or do whatever exercise you fancy. A special, jolly clever attachment records your distance, calories etc,etc, and plays your music. All awfully clever. I am a sucker for new gadgets so decided that I had to have one.

I asked the girl in the shop about them and she did her best to tell me. My Man happened to be with me and I noticed that she was talking to him. He is, by the way, awfully slim and fit looking. He kept quiet and, in the end, moved away. She showed me the running shoes that went with the Nike+Ipod thingy. Unfortunately she was showing me the men's shoes. MEN'S SHOES ???!!! I am a girl.

And then it dawned on me. I said, " I know my Man looks like he's fit and strong and goes running, but its actually me that does the exercise in our family !!!!!!!! " For Goodness Sake !! I may be short and verging on the plump side, but its me that is going to do the Marathon. This is just the story of my life. When I did my first Half Marathon a family "friend" said, " What ? YOU are doing the Half Marathon ???!!!"

Yes folks. Get used to it. This is why its such a big deal to me. A marathon is hard for anyone, but for me its my Everest. And I have just as much right to do it as anyone else.

Oh, and I did buy the Nike+Ipod thingy. I'll let you know how it goes !