Friday, 3 August 2007

Day 5.

Well, so far so good ! I got up and went for Run 3 this morning. My plan is a 10 week plan to get myself fit and running. I ran for half an hour or so today and it was lovely. I still can't run all the way, but its early days. The main thing is that I am enjoying myself. The weather is fine, the countryside is beautiful and running makes me feel good about myself.

As you can see I have started using my Nike+ Ipod thingy. You wear your Ipod and listen to your music and at the same time a little attachment sends data via a chip in your shoe. I am going to have to calibrate it because at the moment its not quite accurate. As my lovely Man said this morning, " Its set for average sized people with average strides, not elves " Yes, I am quite short.

Still, its nice to run to music, I like seeing my stats and its an irresistible widget to have on my blog.

At the moment I look dead cool because it says I am averageing just over 9 minutes a mile. Dream on !! I actually do more like 11 or 12. Ah well.