Sunday, 23 September 2007

100 mile challenge.

Ok chaps. I was fiddling about yesterday with my Nike+Ipod thingy when I went into the challenges. There are all sorts of challenges from beginners ( like me ) to out and out Ironman, Indestructible Beings.

Well, I thought, I want to set a challenge. So, if you fancy joining in, it is the 100 miles before Christmas Challenge. First one to run 100 miles ( or walk or run/walk ) gets to buy the mulled wine. Well, virtual mulled wine perhaps. Still, I thought I'd give it a go. I know that really good runners can cover that sort of distance pretty quickly, but I was thinking more of new runners.

So, I'd love you to join in if you fancy ? It sounds kind of cool to think you could actually run a total of 100 miles. Good Luck !!


Chip Pedersen said...

I signed up for your challenge. You have inspired me to get back ready for my next race which is a 10 mile Oct. 7th. I was like you a couple years ago. I decided to go for a half-marathon first. My training had its ups and downs, but it was totally worth it in the end. This year was supposed to be my best year for running, but that didn’t work out. I only ran one half-marathon and it was my worst time. I stopped running because of being too busy at work, but now I have to get back in gear. I love my Nike +. It really helps and the challenges keep you motivated. Keep it up and I will too.

Sue said...

OK. Count me in!

tumblerum said...

would love to join in the challenge as I need some motivation to get running again. Could you send an invite please, my Nike+ screenname is rumbletum

Sarah said...

Hi Tumblerum,I've sent you an invite to join up ! Glad to have you with us !Good Luck !! Sarah