Monday, 24 September 2007

Nike+Ipod Thingy calibrated and ready to go !!!

Right. I decided that I had had enough of living in dream land and I should calibrate my machine. After all, much as I like to think that I can whizz round my runs in under 10 minute miles, I know this is far from the truth. So today I measured a mile in the car and calibrated.

I was due to run 20 minutes today. Not walk/run, RUN! So after I had calibrated the Nike+ I set it for another 10 minutes and off I ran. Well, typically the rest of my route included a lot of uphill so I had to walk. It was either that or a coronary. The end result was that my run averaged a 12 minute + mile. Oh well. At least I now know the truth. And I can get faster. I can.

The excellent thing about today was that I really enjoyed my run, even though it was hard. And when I came back and uploaded it onto my computer I saw that 22 people have taken up my " 100 miles by Christmas Challenge "How fab is that ??!! I am coming 13th at the moment, which is not bad I reckon and I almost went straight back out again to move up the table. But I didn't.

So if you have one of these brilliant machines ?? JOIN IN !!! :)


Sue said...

Oh, didn't realise I have to have a I-Pod thingy to join in?!

It wasn't until this year when I bought my Garmin that I found out all my runs last year were way under distance and I hadn't been running as fast as I thought I had been!

Sarah said...

I think it would be great if you joined in anyway !! Just keep a count of your mileage and let me know ! I'll put mine down on the side bar too. Shame not to join in just cos we have different gizmos !! S