Sunday, 30 September 2007

Great North Run and crying.

I watched the Great North Run for a bit today. I could have watched it for hours, but had to take Son #2 to a party. Still, I do love these big races. There seems to be such a fantastic atmosphere. The elite athletes are incredible to watch. It is like watching thoroughbred race horses. I love their determination, their muscles, the effortless way they run. I know its not effortless, but it looks amazing. Paula Radcliffe runs 140 miles a week apparently!! And their pace ? They were averaging under 5 minute miles all the way. I couldn't run that fast for 100 metres, never mind 13.1 miles.

It must be incredible to have a body that works like theirs. I would love to be able , just for maybe 5 minutes, transfer into Paula Radcliffe's body as she was running. I tell you what, if it was a straight swap she'd have a hell of a shock transferring into mine !!!

What I love just as much is watching the ordinary runners. The runners like me who juggle training with everyday lives of work and children, and for whom races like this one are massive events in their lives. I watch the emotions, the joy, the struggles and feel along with them.

I am a real crier and sit with tears streaming down my face at the tide of runners - all fighting to achieve the best they can. I think one of the things I want from the Marathon is that amazing emotion that I have watched for years on the tv. To be a part of that atmosphere will be tremendous. I will be a snotty, sobbing wreck !! Get a grip, Sarah!!

If you took part in the Great North Run then Brilliant !! Well done !! I hope you did as well as you hoped to and enjoyed your run. What a great achievement.

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