Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Keep on Running.

I went out today and ran the same route that I did on Monday. This time I made myself take 1 minute recovery breaks when I had to stop. I have got to the stage where running on the flat is good, as is running on the downhill. Running uphill is still a right bugger !!! But I am beginning to get glimpses of how it feels to be able to run easily. I feel strong on the whole.

My lovely friend Sarah arrived at school the other day with a package for me. She bought me the book " Running on Empty - Diary of a Marathon Mum ". I have not put it down for 2 days and finished it just now. The lady in the book, Julia Williams, reminds me of me in lots of ways. Obviously I don't have 4 kids ( madness ??!!) or a nanny or a twin sister, but I felt a bond with her in the way that neither of us have ever been great at sport, we have to struggle to fit in training around the kids after school clubs and we are slow runners.

I was so touched that Sarah thought to get me this. And she has offered to help me train, even if it means getting on her bike ! My heart goes out to her as she lost her mum this summer and is still raw from the awful loss. That she can think of me at a time like this is incredible. She is a good, good friend.

Tomorrow is Son #2's birthday. I have to fit a run in somewhere !! Maybe while he's at his tennis lesson ?


ian said...

you can do it. it's good to read that another parent loves life and the kids but admits it's not are an inspiration. keep going and imagine all the people readng your blog willing you on. i did my first and only(so far) 10k 6 weeks ago, the feeling afterwards was overpowering and i cried with joy...keep it up

Sarah said...

Thank you so much Ian! I don't know about being an inspiration, but thanks for the compliment !! And well done with the 10k. Oh, and write on your blog !! I came to visit and its a bit sparse !! I 'll come back again and hopefully you'll have written ! God, I'm bossy !! S

Jane Henry said...

Oh hello! I am the author of RoE and I am so glad you like it. Seriously, if I could do a marathon as a completely mad virgin runner anyone can! I am now training for a triathlon, though I haven't got there yet and hope to run FLM again in 2009 when my charity are going to be the official sponsors.

And thanks to Sarah for buying you the book too.

I also blog under a pseudonym, and I have been known to blog about running but not recently!

Good luck with it all!


Sarah said...

Thanks Jane ! Wow !!You made my day by coming to visit !! I'd just got back from my run and was feeling a bit sorry for myself so I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Good Luck with the Triathlon and do come back if you fancy !! Sarah ps My friend Sarah says hello !