Monday, 17 September 2007

Running and Swimming in one day........?!

I am glad to report that my training is back on track !! I feel strangely calm and determined to train and do my best. This has to be done and the more training I do the more prepared I will be. I thought about today and decided that there was no way I could fit in my run. So I thought of Erika who manages to train whatever and just got up earlier. An hour earlier to be precise. By 6.20 am I was out and running. And my oh my was it lovely !!

I felt good. I felt smug. Just me and a few dog walkers. I ran into town and back again without any pain in my shin. Great. Then a hot shower, lashings of Chanel No 5 moisturizer ( yum, yum ) and the rest of the house began to wake up. " Are you going for your run, Mummy ? " said Son #1. " Already been, hunny bunny! " How good does that feel ?!

Oh, and I went swimming this afternoon while the boys had their lessons. I swam for half an hour. 4 lengths front crawl then 30 seconds to get my breath back and so on. I have to be honest and say that the pool was reduced due to the lessons ( only 17 metres ), but I was happy and actually worked up a sweat !!

I like this !!!!!

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