Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Oh my God !!! I'm in !!!!!!!!

I got home from work today to find the usual pile of post on the door mat. What was not usual was the letter addressed to me and stamped with the Flora London Marathon logo!! The Flora London Marathon is hugely oversubscribed and your chances of getting a place through the ballot is negligible. I have applied every year for the last 6 years and been rejected. Until now !!! The rule is that if you apply and are rejected 5 times then on the 6th try you will get an automatic place. Usually if you get a place through the ballot you hear at the beginning of December so I was aiming for that.


I have tried for so many years to get in. You can get places by running for charities, but you have to pledge to raise on average £2000. I could never guarantee that so didn't feel able to take one of those places. Of course I will be running for charity, but now I won't have the added pressure of having to raise thousands of pounds.


My Man is away and I've texted him, but his phone is off. My sister is at work. I have noone to tell right now !! I could cry and shout with excitement !! I went straight out to do my run. There's nothing like a guaranteed place to focus the mind. Now I HAVE TO TRAIN !!

This is the chance of a lifetime. I am going to borrow something I found on Wendy's blog and which I thought summed up how I feel:

" There will be days I don't know if I can run a Marathon. There will be a lifetime of knowing I have."


Now all I have to do is run it !


emily said...

Yay! You're in! I'm so excited for you. I'm so proud of you! YAAAY!

Sarah said...

Oh Emily !! Thank you. I am sooooo excited !! Sarah xx

Erika said...

Congratulations Sarah that's so awesome. You must be exhilirated and nervous all at the same time.(At least that's how I would feel!)

tumblerum said...

Congratulations on that, it'll all be worthwhile once you cross that finish line.

I got in the same way last year, but didnt hear until after the ballot had been drawn, in fact I realised I'd got in by the date my cheque was cashed.