Thursday, 27 September 2007

Wow !! What a great surprise !!

I came in from my run today feeling a bit down in the dumps. The old " I'm so slow, I'll never get fit, blah blah blah " I trudged upstairs to plug in my Nike+Ipod Thingy and had a look at my e-mails. Well blow me down with a feather if there wasn't one from the author of Running on Empty Diary of a Marathon Mum. You may have read last week that I had read this book after my friend Sarah gave it to me. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone in my position.

As I say, there in black and white was a comment on this blog from Julia Williams herself. I couldn't believe it! I was so touched that she had taken the time to come and visit and leave a nice comment. Well, needless to say, any negative and self pitying thoughts vanished!! I was so chuffed and got on the phone to my mate Sarah who gave me the book in the first place. How cool, we thought !! How cool !!

So here I am, still in my disgusting running gear 4 hours after my run ( I was last in the line for the bathroom following tennis lessons, Cubs and my Man getting ready for work ) But I am positive and looking forward to my next plod !! I have no idea how Julia knew that I'd written about her book, but I'm dead happy she did !!


Sue said...

That's really nice!

PS. Can you add on another 5 miles, please.

Sarah said...

Yup. I've put on your 5 miles. How's your friend doing with the training schedule ? Hope she likes it. I can't wait till I can knock up mileage like you! Brilliant ! S