Friday, 28 September 2007


I wasn't down to run today, but I had the afternoon free so decided to go swimming. I had half an hour of pretty constant laps. The pool was only at 17m, but I swam 4 lengths front crawl, 30 second breather, 4 lengths breaststroke, 30 second breather. I lost track of how many lengths I did, but I enjoyed it. All the bits I read on training suggest cross training and swimming is something I enjoy so.... I think it was a good idea!

My next run is tomorrow and I think that to fit it in I will have to get up early again. This is when your resolve is tested eh ? When its cold and dark and raining ! Still, it has to be done. I shall set my alarm and get it over with.


Sue said...

Hope it wasn't too wet and windy this morning. Here, it started off a bit dull but soon the sun was out shining - a bit too hot if I'm honest!

I think my friend has "filed" the running schedule - unless she's keeping her training quiet.....

Clocked up another 10.5 miles today - my last long run before the HM!

I think you're doing really well - you'll be surprised at how quickly you progress!

Sarah said...

Hi ! It was mild with a feeling of rain in the air here, but not too hot. Never mind if your friend has filed the schedule - I've filed many myself !!And thanks for the encouragement - it really means a lot. I think I am progressing, but its a slow journey ( if you'll pardon the pun !)
You are doing well with the Challenge - flying !! Fab. S

Erika said...

good for you for giving swimming a try. You'll be amazed at how much cross training will improve your fitness level. Swimming has also helped tone up my arms and shoulders. It's great.

Keep up the great trainig focus.