Friday, 19 October 2007

2 more sleeps before my 10k !!!!

Only 2 more sleeps before my 10k race. When I say race I don't actually count myself in the "racing" part !! When I first started doing races the boys used to say " Will you win, Mummy ?" I had to let them down gently. " I probably won't win today, chaps. Its more about seeing how well I can run compared to my usual running times and stuff like that " I didn't like to say that if I didn't finish last it was a bonus !!

The fact that I haven't run 10k yet in my running training schedule is a bit of a worry. When people find out you are training for a marathon they tend to think you're running long distances, but at this stage I am decidedly....not.Still, I have run the distance before. I did 10k in May, I think. I was absolutely crap, but, hey, I was out there !!

The good thing about today's run is that it began to feel good. I am past the stage where just putting one leg infront of the other in a running gait is a challenge. As I trotted along in the sunshine I was thinking of all sorts of stuff and the running was not really on my mind. Just plod, plod, plod. And, as a bonus ,I think my clothes are getting marginally looser. I am not on a diet, but going out running 4 times a week can't help but shake your blubber up a bit eh ?


Sue said...

Good luck for your 10K. Don't get too carried away at the start and just keep it nice and steady :-) I shall be thinking of you.

Erika said...

Good luck on your 10k. I'm sure you'll feel great.