Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Faster, faster !!

I really have to start going to bed more early. Or should I say earlier ? It took all my strength to drag my carcass out of bed this morning. At work I made myself eat a banana and a flapjack as I knew I was going out to run as soon as I got home. Its been pretty sunny here today, but still quite cold, but my run was only a 20 minute one and I was looking forward to it.

Amazing isn't it ? Not long ago 20 minutes was a long time and I certainly couldn't run all of it. Now a 20 minute run seems like a day off !! Anyway, I decided that the thing to do was to " do speedwork ". Don't ask me what that is - something to do with lamp posts and going fast between them ? No I'm only joking - I do have a vague idea. Still, today I thought I would try to run faster than usual. I actually really enjoyed it. I did, I admit have to walk for 2 lots of a minute, but the rest of the time I ran. My average came down from 11.33 a mile to 10 something.

So, I reckon I'm on for a sub 3 hour marathon.........what do you reckon ??!!

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Sue said...

It's great to hear how well your running is coming along. Well done!

PS. 13 miles to add on to my running log, please :-)