Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Come on! Come on ! Come on!!

I wrote a little while ago about how music can change the way you run. I went for a run yesterday and, as I had forced myself to eat a banana that I didn't really want at my breaktime, I was feeling rather chirpy. I decided to run a bit longer than my planned 25 minutes. So off I went to the strains of some classical piece that you would definitely know, but I don't know what its called.

I felt like a swan - gliding along elegantly, without a care in the world. My course was quite hilly, but that was ok. I even got beeped by 2 people that I know and didn't have the smallest inclination to jump in a bush !!

As I reached the last quarter mile of the run I faced a hill and started to feel decidedly weary. " Just walk this bit. It won't really matter. " The little voice in my head whispered. To be honest I was very tempted. And then, along came Robbie.

"Let me entertain you !!" came screaming down my headphones. "Come on ! Come on ! Come on ! Come on !!!! " Well, that was it. I was tired no longer. All of a sudden I was on fire. The last quarter of a mile was brilliant and I arrived at my front door, having nearly knocked over 2 mothers with prams in my haste, feeling like a rock star and not a middle aged housewife !!

Thanks Robbie !!

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