Tuesday, 23 October 2007

And on we go....

I gave myself a day off yesterday, purely because it was tricky to fit a run in. I actually felt like going out, but sometimes family life and the needs of others prevent my pleasures !!! So, I went out this morning instead. I will still be doing my quota of runs this week, just on different days.

The training plan has moved on to Week 11. Can you believe that for 11 whole weeks I have been going out running 4 times a week ?! I have not missed a single run. Now I am progressing to runs measured in miles rather than times. Today was my 3 mile run. I felt a bit heavy in parts, but did ok I think. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and, to be honest, its such a joy to get out of my messy house and forget about everything except running.

I am going to have to find out about the right foods to be eating soon. As the miles get longer, well, not really the miles, they stay the same don't they ? Its the number of them that I am running that will be increasing. Anyway, as the runs get longer I need to be eating the right things. Any suggestions ? I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction.

Talking of food my tummy is rumbling so I think I ought to go and get lunch, don't you ?

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Erika said...

The weather out there lately sounds so lovely. Out here in Vancouver it's been rain, rain rain. Not so much fun but I run in it it anyway.

About the eating. I have found that part a bit confusing because there is conflicting info everywhere. For sure make sure you are hydrating properly. Once you are running over an hour you should bring something with you or have somewhere to stop. You might want to look at some type of sports drink. I've tried a few different but now stick to something like Nuun, because the calorie content is much lower than a gatorade and other sports drinks.

I think over on geekgirls blog(Athena diaries) she just posted about a book from runners world that is specifically about eating and loosing weight for runners. I might buy the book it seems interesting. And although I'm happy with how much I've lost so far, I still could loose 5-8 more pounds to get rid of a few extra jiggles and bumps ya know!

And 11 weeks has sure gone fast. That is so great! I've been keeping up my fitness regimine for a year and a half. Yeah.