Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Cup of tea and a chocolate digestive...lovely.

That's what I needed when I came back from my run today. I felt fine, although the run was hard, but after my shower and a glass of milk and generally fiddling about I definitely needed a cup of tea and a, actually 2 chocolate digestives.

I have to get the right fuel in me. I'm not saying the above is the right fuel.....I'm saying I need to find out what suits me before I go for a run. What will give me the energy to get round and feel good. I did 4 miles today, mostly running, maybe 5 minutes walking here and there. So far this week I have run 13 miles. We are getting there aren't we ?


Sue said...

Hi Sarah

Well done on your 10K race. Love the picture, you look so pleased with yourself - and justifiably so!

Not sure about the food - I tend to stick to carbo foods, pasta and jacket pots, especially the night before a race. Bananas also play a large part in my diet. I've started taking a sports drink with me on long runs and have found to have benefitted - of course, it could all be in the mind!

Sarah said...

Yup. I was very smug!! Your diet sounds a lot like mine, without the sports drinks. I seem to go through bananas like they're going out of fashion ! S