Friday, 26 October 2007

Day off.......lovely!

I have run a lot this week. The training plan seems to have shifted into another gear and following my 10k last Sunday the schedule has been a bit messed up. So, I have run 16 miles since Sunday. I ran yesterday morning, just 3 miles, but then I was on "rest phase". I will run tomorrow afternoon so that means I will have had over 48 hours off. I think I needed it. Now I am looking forward to the run tomorrow.

Goodness knows how I am going to cope when the mileage really goes up! My house is a mess right now, never mind in 4 months time. My poor Man is doing so much washing up and tidying that I am thinking of buying shares in Fairy liquid. Still, if it wasn't for him I just couldn't do this. He is so supportive. I have never been a particularly good housewife ( far too many other interesting things to do ) but now I have reached the bottom of the housewifely barrel. All I am thinking about is running or blogging about running. Deary me.

I really need us to win the lottery so that we can buy a nice big house with lots of storage space, clear surfaces and possibly a maid. Maybe then I could just make a huge donation to charity and cut out the middle man of running the bloody marathon ??!! NO ,NO , BACK SATAN !! I have to run it, I have to run it. And I will enjoy it. I will.

Actually, thinking about it, its not the running I am not enjoying. I love the running. I just hate housework.

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Erika said...

I hate housework too! I'm on my own too so I don't have a supportive partner running interference for me. You're very lucky.

Have you looked any further into nutrition yet? I've been a junk food maniac this week for some reason. I promised myself I'll get on track asap! But I am training again thank goodness.