Sunday, 28 October 2007

100 miles !! Yippeeeee!!!

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm impressed !! I logged onto the Nike+Ipod thingy site just now and the screen flashed up that I have run 100 miles since I got my contraption! How cool is that ?!

The Nike +Ipod thingy is soooooo motivational! I like the way I can set myself goals of distance, time etc etc and it keeps a record. I even get little medals and stuff! I do like stuff !!

Ok. Far too many exclamation marks here so I shall move on. I ran just under 5 miles yesterday. It was good in places, bad in others. One minute I'm feeling like Paula Radcliffe, the next like Bernard Manning. I just hope the Bernard Manning times diminish as time goes on. This is so about mental strength. Especially as I am doing this by myself. Sometimes my head says " Go on, stop for a bit. It doesn't matter. Noone will know " I have to fight the evil genie !! If April 13th is going to happen for me then I have to run. I have to keep going even when its hard.

For now though I'm off to stick my 100 miles certificate on the fridge !!


Sue said...

Congrats! And you're not alone, we are all here watching your progress :-)

Could you add another 10 miles on to my total, cheers.

Sarah said...

Thanks Sue. Its great to know you are out there !! Well done on the 10 miles. S