Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Such a grumpy old misery guts....

There are days that can only be explained by....hormones. Yesterday was one of them I'm afraid. Although I was really looking forward to my run and the sky was blue, the sun was shining - all the ingredients one would think for a good run.....it was crap. I was one grumpy old bucket of misery. In fact, when I came back home I stood infront of my mirror and wallowed in my misery.

Oh, I'm sooooo FAT. Oh, I'm useless at running. Oh, I've got short fat legs. Oh, my belly is fat and wobbly and disgusting. Oh, I'll never run a marathon. Who am I kidding ? I am just an obscene mass of quivering jelly with no talent in any direction.

There. That's what hormones can do to a girl. I threw in the towel and decided that an early night was the only thing to be contemplated. On with the flannel nightie and bed socks and off into the comforting world of my warm bed. If I'd had any chocolate left I'd have eaten it.

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