Friday, 9 November 2007

No, I haven't given up !

Last Saturday was soooooo crap. The whole running thing went pear shaped due to lack of planning and I had a huge " discussion " with my Man over it all. I ended up sobbing, crying like a real baby. As I was crying I was thinking " My God, I didn't know this meant this much to me. But it does. I realised that I have so much to prove. To myself, my brothers, my Mum, my Man and to my Dad, and he died 7 years ago for goodness sake.

Anyway, contrary to what you might think I am not a pathetic wreck teetering on the verge of a nervous breakdown ! I am loving my running. In fact, I am a running bore. Thank goodness for my blogs where I can bore for England and you can just turn me off and go somewhere else if you like !! If you are still reading this, then good for you, and can I buy you a drink ??!

This week, since Saturday's fiasco I have been out 3 times, 3.3 miles, 4.4 miles, 3.3 miles in an average of 11.24 a mile. Its not fast and its not pretty, but slowly and surely I am getting there. My legs feel stronger and my mind is pushing me to run. Usually I only have to walk for maybe 2 minutes in a whole run ( I count for 60 seconds then start running again ) and yesterday I ran the whole way. On my 4.4 miles I walked for 2 minutes and ran up some long hills.

Tomorrow is another busy busy day so I have to be up early to fit my 6 mile run in before I take the boys to football, then golf. Actually, they will probably be more exhausted than me !!! Not long now and the ballot results should be out officially and my info from Breakthrough Breast Cancer should arrive. Then I can start fundraising officially. After all, this may be a big personal thing for me, but the really important thing is to raise money for this charity.


Sue said...

Hi Sarah

Glad you got your running in this week! It just takes a little (well, a lot) of organisation ....

When my friends ask me about running I know I've gone too far when their eyes start glazing over! They really don't understand the buzz that I get from it, in fact I'm not sure I understand it myself!

Sarah said...

You are so right Sue ! I try not to talk about my running too much now ! That's why this blog is a life saver - I hate seeing peoples eyes glaze over, and that does happen if they're not runners !! S