Sunday, 11 November 2007

6.5 miles survived...

Yesterday was the first of my " long runs ". Each week on Saturdays from now on I have to do a long run. I may change the schedule to Sundays, but we'll see. The week day runs stay more or less the same, 3 of them, short , longer, short. I mapped out my 6 mile route again and this time all went well.

Saturdays are pretty manic in our house so I gave up my lie in to get up at 7am, eat porridge and be out of the house by 7.50. I ran at a pretty constant pace which felt fine. I did have to stop to walk for 5 x 1 minute periods, but not until after I'd run over 3 miles non stop. I count 60 seconds in my head then go off again. It does re-energise me definitely.

In the end I ran 6.5 miles according to the Nike + Ipod thingy. I had to dig in at the end and made myself keep going. Its not that I'm out of breath or anything - in fact my breathing is good and my legs feel stronger and stronger. Its just a general weariness and a little voice in my head saying " Oh, go on, stop for a bit. Nobody will know and it doesn't matter ! " That's when I have to trick myself into " just making it to the next tree " or I imagine the last 200 metres of the Marathon when I'll want to try and run in if only to save face !! Its amazing how these mind games help.

I write a blog on the Realbuzz Flora Marathon Training Site and on there you can set down all your training sessions so its an " at a glance " thing to see how you're doing. Its good to see my progression. Not long ago I was walk/running 2 miles and wondering how I would ever be able to do more. Now here I am running over 17 miles in a week. Blimey !! Still, that 26.2 seems a bloody long way off !!!


Sue said...

Over 17 miles a week - Well Done. You are a great encouragement to those out there who say they could not do it!

I went on the Flora Blog the other day, and there you were !! What an amazing coincidence - I think you must have just posted an entry.

Bill said...

Nice job. Keep up the running and keep continue to keep us posted on your progress.

By the way, I just joined your 100 miles before Christmas challenge. A little late....but hopefully I'll make the 100 miles.