Wednesday, 14 November 2007

2 runs, 7.4 miles, feeling good...

Well, I seem to be doing quite well. Looking back to only a few weeks ago I can't believe that I am where I am now !! It doesn't seem long ago that I was run/walking for 20 minutes and wondering how I would ever get any better.

I went out yesterday for 3.1 miles and then today for 4.3 miles. I ran all of both runs and felt fantastic. There seems to be an energy and bounce in my legs all of a sudden ! Maybe its not all of a sudden, maybe its 13 weeks worth of running 4 times a week ?!

I love the feeling of being fit. I love the fact that my belly doesn't hang over the side of my trousers ( quite as much, anyway !!) and I love that I had got half way up my hill today before I even noticed I was on it !!

Now, don't get me wrong - I still have to fight my way up hills, but its getting easier. I know in my head that I can do it. This weekend I have to run 7 miles and as the long runs get longer it will get more difficult. After last week's 6.5 I thought " My God - another 20 miles after this ??!! " But if my fitness keeps improving like this then maybe I can see a glimmer of hope ?

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Sue said...

You've done the hard bit, getting started, and all your hard work is now paying off. Well done!