Tuesday, 8 January 2008

3 miles, Ipod+ Nike thingy going well, feeling good !!

I felt great today !! Its so lovely to be feeling fit and well again. I really did not want to be at work today, but as soon as I got home I couldn't wait to go out running !! I set my Ipod and off I went. I have worked out a way of fixing it so I can listen to music without the earphones pulling all the time, which is much better. I was looking at wireless earphones, but they are ENORMOUS !!

I look enough of a prat without wearing huge saucers on my head. I'm a middle-aged housewife ( secret ) not a gangsta rapper !! Anyway, I don't need them now as I have ( as I said ) worked out a marvelous, unannoying way of wearing them now. Which I may patent.

I ran my 3 miles and felt strong and happy. I made it up all the hills quite breezily and at the end Lance Armstrong came on the Ipod and informed me that I had broken my record for the mile. Excellent !! For the first time in quite a while I started to feel optimistic about this Marathon Malarkey !!