Wednesday, 9 January 2008

5 miles...

God! This marathon training is making me organised !! To fit my life around all this running I have to run a military style operation !! Soon my Man won't recognise me!

I finished work today, went to get wrapping paper, bought meat at the butchers, rushed home, had 2 healthy chocolate biscuits left from Christmas, and dashed out to do 5 miles. Hal Higdon's day by day guide said that this one might be tough and it was definitely tougher than yesterday, but I plodded along and did it all in time to do the school run !!

I couldn't sleep last night as I was going over in my head my plans for the Great Day. How ridiculous ! I kept thinking about what time I should get up, what to have for breakfast, when to have breakfast, where to stay, blah, blah, blah !! Its another 3 months for Goodness Sake ! Get a grip woman !!

Still, I've just spent ages on-line searching marathon hotel packages. What sort of state will I be in nearer the time ? This may mean that I have to start taking Valium, or possibly just more red wine. Is that in the Hal Higdon Training Plan ?

My fundraising is coming along nicely. People are so generous - it just makes me quite tearful sometimes. I get all excited checking my e-mails to see if anyone has been on my Justgiving page! As it gets closer to the Day I shall go round at work. Its still quite early right now and I'm boring enough about this without being boring and wanting money !!

I saw one of the chaps from the local running club today and he asked if I was coming running with them. I can't do the evening runs, but I might think about doing the Sunday morning one. We'll see. It was nice to see him though. He and his wife are just lovely - they are both in their 70's and have run probably 50 marathons between them. Wow ! Do you think that will be my Man and me in 30 years time ?!

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