Sunday, 6 January 2008

9.4 miles...

I was excited about today's run before I even went out. Although its been a while since I ran this far I felt positive and capable of doing it. I took my bum bag with my Lucozade Sport and some sweets and wore layers to keep warm as it was frosty. And then off I jolly well went !!

I am getting it into my head the way I want to run and stting myself goals. Today I told myself to run the first 5 miles and then walk to drink half my drink, which I did. I treated myself to a couple of sweeties and then set off again. I just felt organised and in control - all good !!

I ran steadily, listening to my music and watching the world go by. I'm really pleased to have managed the 9.4 and don't feel awaed about doing 10 miles next week. In fact I can't wait to go out tomorrow and do my slow 3 miles !! My legs feel good and I don't feel tired. All in all an excellent Sunday !!

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Sue said...

Well done Sarah. It's great to see how far you've come.