Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Back in the groove !!

Righty ho !! Happy New Year everybody !! After a brief but dire detour into the swamp of misery I am back on track !! Thank goodness. I actually looked forward to my run today and ran all the way round my 3 miles as fast as I could. Which is not awfully fast, granted, but hey. I bet I was in the minority on New Year's Day, eh ?

I am now starting my fundraising in earnest. Lovely Uncle Geoff somehow found my half finished Justgiving site and donated a wonderful £50 to my target. How amazing is that ? Thank you Geoff, you are gorgeous !! So I have been sitting here tonight e-mailing people and setting up widgets on my blogs. All very technical and something I wouldn't have had a clue about 12 months ago. Now, however I am a technical genius and glide through such feats like a person whose very good at gliding and putting on widgets.

Now for the bit I hate, but have to do. PLEASE SPONSOR ME !!!!!!

I don't mind how much. I don't mind when. If you are feeling a bit skint right now then save me until next month. Or maybe, sponsor me now and next month ? Maybe just sell your house and give the money to my site. Well, maybe that's edging on being a little extreme, but, seriously, I would love it if I could reach my target. Its for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. All I get out of it is a certain smugness and blisters.

Oh, and another thing. You could e-mail my page to everyone you know !! It could reach millions of people. I could be heading for world domination by February !!

Anyway, I think I need a cold beer and a lie down now. But if you are tempted, or know someone rich....

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