Sunday, 3 February 2008

Bad backs and long runs....

Earlier in the week my back started to twinge. I did it by getting out of bed and crouching down too quickly to pick up my clothes from the bathroom floor. Now, if I had a walk in dressing room and a maid this would not have happened...

Still, maybe if I wasn't such a slob it would help too. Anyway, I ran on Tuesday and Wednesday - 3 miles and 6 miles, but decided to give the Thursday 3 miles a miss. Basically because of my back muscles. I have been very careful this week since they started twingeing and dug out an old packet of Voltarol from the last time my back went. I think it was a wise decision as the back felt much better by Friday.

I went out yesterday for my 13 miler. Yes... 13 miles. I put on layers, gloves, woolly hat and took my lovely new running belt complete with Go gels, Go drink, phone, tissues, lip salve... The list goes on. I am definitely considering pulling a small trolley behind me on the Day...loaded with various supplies, and possibly a small put me up bed.

Good news though. I was determined, having read Luc's comments last time, to go out and really enjoy my run. My aim was to finish in under 3 hours, but mainly to enjoy the world around me and finish feeling good and confident. And you know what ? I did. I really enjoyed myself - looking nosily into people's gardens, listening to the birds, thinking about life and the Universe. At times it was a little difficult headwise, but physically I felt strong. I even " sprinted " the last bit home !! I passed a couple of people in wheelchairs who I said hello to and it really made me think. I am so lucky to be able to do this. So lucky.

I ended up doing 14 miles altogether. 14 MILES !!! The 13 was done in 2 hours 48 minutes and the 14 in 3 hours 3 minutes I think. Today I feel good with no aches or pains, although I did sleep like the dead last night !! All in all, with 10 weeks to go, I am " well chuffed ".

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Sue said...

Well done! You are doing so well - 14 miles and feeling so good the next day, you are obviously doing something right.

The training day was really good - such a shame you couldn't have made it.