Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Falling behind...

I think I am falling behind with my blogging... not my running, just my blogging. After my 12 miles on Friday I felt surprisingly good. I took a day off on Saturday then did a very steady and slow 3 miles on Sunday. I then took Monday off too, just for good measure, and ran today for 3 miles.

I am using my heart monitor and it is quite bizarre to see how I can control my heart rate. I suppose its just common sense, but if I slow down and don't work so hard my heart slows down, then I've got energy to set off again.

I am thinking of getting myself a Garmin 305 as everyone on the Realbuzz Marathon 08 site seems to have them and swear by them. I do love a bit of technology !! By the look of it it monitors your heart rate, monitors where you are by GPS, monitors how high or low you climb or fall and could probably make you a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich when you get home !! It is rather enormous and I wonder do I really need one or just desire one ?! I am not a great runner, not a club runner, just a small blonde, slightly curvy housewife who has started running almost by default - a bit like Forest Gump, but not as fast.

I really want to continue with my running when the marathon is over. I plan to do the Wycombe Half Marathon in July and I hope this will provide incentive when all this particular training is done. I can't imagine not running. And I would love to get better and faster eventually. I can feel that my shape is changing a bit - could I ever be a lean, mean running machine ?! Probably not.


Sue said...

Hi Sarah

I have the Garmin 205 - the same contraption but without the heart rate monitor. I love it and wouldn't be without it. It's great knowing exactly how far you've gone and what time it took plus all the other extra bits. I have never got on that well with heart rate monitors so didn't get the 305. I would say its a good investment if you continue running - which I am sure you will do!

Luc said...

Hi - just bumped into your site via link from WSJ - great job making the leap of faith to run 26.2 for charity! I have 2 thoughts: [1] Once in a while - go for a run with no technology at all - not even a watch - ideally on trails. Listen to your body, the birds, your breathing. [2] Don't take your ability to run (no matter how slow) for granted. I'm recovering from ACL / Microfracture knee surgery and haven't run a step for almost 6 months! It gives you a whole new perspective! You're very lucky - don't forget it. luc@fivesea.com