Friday, 25 January 2008

12 miles.....done.

Oh yes, oh yes, 12 miles, 12 miles !!! I am so chuffed !! I did do my 6 mile run in the week with my Personal Trainer ( ooooh, lah di dah !! ) But today ??!!! I thought until a minute ago that I'd done it in 2 hours 45, but then I uploaded my ipod stats and I had done it in 2 hours 36. Yippeeee!!!

I learned a huge amount from Suzy on Wednesday and am now a convert to running with a heart monitor. I used it today ( first time in 3 years I'd known how to use the bloody thing properly !!). I run along and when I am running at my usual steady, comfortable pace my heart rate goes up to about 144 beats per minute. If I'm working too hard it goes up and if it gets to about 155 I slow down or walk until it gets back to my comfy rate. That doesn't take long at all and off I go again.

So, today I ate porridge with a sliced banana for breakfast with juice and tea ( separately !!), then mid-morning I had another banana. Back at home at lunchtime I had one of the jolly healthy, packed full of goodness and energy bars that my Man had bought me, plus drink. I searched for my bra and found it, soaking wet ,in the washing machine. I waited about whilst the radiator did its best and then set out, still slightly damp, but keen to be off. ( note to self: check this doesn't happen again )

I walked to warm up then ran. I followed my heart monitors advice and my stats show that I ran a pretty consistent time per mile. I chopped the run up into segments in my head - 2 miles a go. 2 miles is an easy run so I didn't think about what came after each 2 miler ( like another 10 miles !!) The only thing was that I couldn't stop myself thinking " Wow, I've run 1o miles now. That's a long way !!" I will work on that. I used gels for the first time - one an hour and they were fine - like cold sweet, lumpy wallpaper paste. Yummmmmeeeee. Not.

The last mile was more difficult because it was uphill mostly, but it was ok. I stretched well and had a nice bath with a cup of tea on the side and something to eat. And now I feel good !! Not weary like I did after the 10 miles, but proud of myself. A couple of people at the tennis club said that I looked tired, but I just smiled and said I was fine !! Little did they know that this bird had been out for 2 hours 36 minutes running 12 miles !!!

Oh yes !!!! I thank you !!!

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Sue said...

Congratulations! Well done! You sound well pleased with yourself and justifiably so! It's interesting that you ran with your heart rate monitor - I've tried in the past and not got on with one. Perhaps I need to dig it out of the cupboard but then again, I would probably shock myself in how hard my heart is working!

Sorry to hear you won't be making the training weekend now - it really does sound like there's lots of good advice plus of course the big discount on the shoes etc! I will make mental notes and share all!

Have a good weekend :-)