Monday, 21 January 2008

Another 3 miles...

I really like my Monday 3 milers. Hal Higdon tells me to just take it easy and enjoy the run - don't try to go faster, just run. So I do. A lovely pressure free run that I know I can do easily.

Today it was drizzling the whole way round - which I actually really like. After yesterday's annoying 7 miles I left all but the bare essentials at home - no bum bag, no music, no earphones. Just me and the rain. And it was lovely. I ended up doing the first and last miles quite quickly and the middle one slowly - because of the ups and downs I suppose.

I promised Suzy ( the Personal Trainer for Wednesday ) that I would run Monday not Tuesday so I would be ready for some speed work or some other type of torture on Wednesday. I am going to make sure I carb myself up so I am full of vim and vigour !!! I'll let you know.

On Saturday I went and had a health check which was quite interesting. I mostly wanted to find out about my cholesterol levels, but they did :

blood pressure, cholesterol,blood sugars,weight.

I was glad to discover that my cholesterol is low, blood sugar normal and heart good. My average pulse was 71. I am, however overweight. Which I knew already. I have lost no weight AT ALL since I started this in August. I have definitely changed shape and I reckon I am adding muscle and slowly losing fat. I am definitely eating more healthily and less quantity.

Well, that's it for today. See you soon ! x


Sue said...

It's a bit annoying isn't it that the scales don't show any weight loss but like you say, muscles are beginning to take shape!

Actually, I haven't heard anything back either about the training day, perhaps I ought to chase it up as well!

I'm really looking forward to what your personal trainer has to say in the way of training etc.

Sue said...

How did you get on with the personal trainer?

Did you receive the e-mail about the training day - it looks like being a good day out with lots of useful info!