Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Thank Heavens for Suzy !!

Yes, indeed, I thank Heaven for Suzy, my Personal Trainer. That sounds dead posh, doesn't it ? Having a Personal Trainer. But you know, I've been out twice with her and she is brilliant.

Today I unloaded my tale of woe onto her slender shoulders and she took the whole weight from me. Don't worry, she said, let's go for a lovely run in beautiful countryside and have some fun. Let's put the enjoyment back in. And she did. We did. We ran in the sunshine under blue skies with woodpeckers and blackbirds, ploughed fields and burbling streams.

She made me feel happy and encouraged and I loved the run. Oh, what a relief !! I was so worried and sooo stressed before. Now I realise that I was tired, mentally and physically, and totally immersed in THE MARATHON!!

Maybe I can do this after all...

1 comment:

Margot said...

Of course you can do this! I'm glad you're regaining a little confidence in yourself because, gosh Sarah, I admire you so so sooooooooo much : have me running four miles and I am DEAD.
So sixteen! Wow!
Come on! You can do this!