Friday, 29 February 2008

Thank Heavens for friends, sports massage and chocolate...

Well, I am glad ro report that I am feeling a bit more chirpy than I've been in a while regarding the old running malarkey. My run with Suzy has made me realise that she has been right all along and , yes, it is nice to run with friends. I have been worried up until now that I will hold them back or they will have the audacity to talk to me too much and put me off my Olympic standard pace !!!

I am very lucky indeed to have friends who have, since the beginning, offered to run with me, or even cycle. Even when I've said no they have not given up, still offering.This weekend I am running 12 miles on Sunday and have arranged to run 5 , meet my friend Z for 6 miles then run home for 1 or 2. I am really looking forward to it and can't quite believe she is willing to give up her time ( on Mother's Day ) and jog along with me. How very very kind indeed. My other friend S has also been relentlessly encouraging and wonderful. She even organised vouchers for a relaxing treatment or stuff from a lovely Health shop nearby.

I can never quite understand why people are so lovely to me, like me really. I am pretty self centred and selfish and a bit hermit like when it comes to things social. A lack of confidence that I try to hide. I am so lucky to have friends who don't give up on me.

I went along again today to see my Sports Masseur. She is WONDERFUL !!! If a little on the sadistic side. No, really, she has fingers that find knots I didn't even know I had and through the pain I know she is doing me extreme good !!

Right, I am now going to watch the last episode of the first series of Lost with my hubbie while the boys are at tennis. Another act of rebellion against the lovely Hal Higdon...

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