Sunday, 2 March 2008


Today was my 12 miles and I was very fortunate to have my lovely friend Z for company. I ran 2 miles to meet her up at the school car park and then off we went together to run 6. This involved a couple of long hills, one of which we ran, the other we walked. The day was gorgeous - sunny and quite warm and it was WONDERFUL to have someone to run with. The miles flew by and I really enjoyed it. I can't tell you how much I appreciated Z giving up her time to join me. Believe me, she is one busy lady. How kind and lovely though.

We finished up at her car and she went home whilst I set off to run another 4 miles. Almost immediately it was difficult. Who would have thought ? It shows what a difference running with a friend can make. I struggled through the last 4 miles and made it home with a sore knee. I think it must be the loooooooong hills as the last time it hurt was the last time I did that hill.

I stretched, refilled my carbs and had a lovely long bubble bath. I then just about managed to dry myself before falling into bed and sleeping for 2 hours !!! I woke up to find the house empty as the chaps had gone to play football. I watched Poirot and ate 4 rounds of Marmite on toast with a big mug of tea.

I am left this evening with a slight dread of next weekends 18 mile run, but the hope that the flat marathon course and crowds of people supporting us will be more bearable. I also think that I need to increase my sleep, increase my fluid intake and carb intake. I also need the boys not to do clubs for 6 weeks, my Man to give up work for 6 weeks to look after me, I need to hire a cook/maid and lose 2 stone in weight. Failing this I will just keep plodding along...

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Sue said...

Hi Sarah

I am so jealous that your training is going so well!

I'm at my wits end and thoughts of not being fit enough to run the Marathon keep popping in my head.

Well done on your journey so far!