Thursday, 6 March 2008

Give me joy in my heart, keep me running....

It's all right - I haven't gone all Evangelical on you... not that there's anything wrong in that... and maybe I am a bit Evangelical when it comes to running and Free Range food and Organic... Ok, I digress.... where was I ?

Oh, yes. The running is going well. Its hard, but I have enjoyed it this week. I decided that I had to do more than just sit back and hope that it would be ok. I decided that I needed to actively set out to enjoy my runs and be positive. I ran a little one on Tuesday - about 3 miles, and just followed my nose, enjoyed the sun and the wind. Yesterday I ran 9.5 miles and enjoyed that too. I plodded along with my water, gels and a nice organic, datey energy bar as a treat.

At one point I was imagining all sorts of things. Now please don't think I'm losing my mind when I tell you what I thought about. I just thought that as one of the reasons I was doing this was for Jonnie and Sally then they could come along with me for a bit. First of all I imagined Jonnie alongside me, egging me on. Of course, Jonnie was not a big runner, what with the fact that she always wore open toed sandals ( even in winter, loony ) so I imagined her on roller skates next to me. Then Sally was there - very fit and far too athletic for my liking and rather tall and attractive. And then my dad turned up, as he used to be before he got ill, all long lopey strides and good company.

Well, there you go. I assure you that I have not lost the plot - it just seemed like a good idea at the time and it amused me. And it really helped, to be honest, thinking of them and why I'm doing all this manic training. Of course then I started to imagine crossing the finish line, wearing my medal into school..... and then I knew I was going nuts so I had some energy bar and headed home !!!

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