Monday, 10 March 2008


I felt, after my previous long runs that this 18 miler needed to be a good one. My other long runs have been a bit miserable and I really wanted this one to be a positive experience so that I could head into the home straight of training with confidence.

And do you know what ?? It was my best long run yet. The first 9 were eventful, to say the least. The running was fine, but as I got to Morrissons, second time around, a big black Staff dog came running at me. Well, I am not a dog person, in fact I am pretty scared of dogs, so this was not a good scenario. I stood still with arms across my chest and tried to be calm. The owner came out of her house and yelled at me ( imagine scraggy, chavvy woman and scraggy chavvy voice ) Catch me dog luv !!!

I yelled back ( imagine scared and shrill ) No !!!!!!!!!! Catch your own dog !!!!!!! At this point the Staff was running round me, complete with big black studded collar. Catch me dog !!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch your own dog!!!!!!!!!! You shouldn't have a dog if you can't control it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so on and so forth.

My next run in, yes I survived the dog, was with an equally charming hoody type who was lumbering along behind me. He yelled the encouraging words:


Well, I thought, how lovely, I wonder if he can spell liposuction ? Unlikely.And I bet he couldn't run 18 miles either - ignorant oik.

So, my first 9 ended with the lovely sight of my friends waiting for me. Off we went together and ran the last 9. We ran walked, and without them it would have been much much harder. They were great and as we ran across the car park to the car we ran with our arms in the air a la " running down the Mall "

I felt great - nowhere near as tired as I've been on other long runs.I am soooooooo grateful to have 2 such amazing friends. Thank you Sarah. Thank you Zoe !!!! I feel set up for the Marathon now. Just a 20 miler then a 14 miler then we are on the taper!!! Oh my goodness -its getting close !!!!!


Sue said...


Bloody dogs! Why do owners just assume we all love their blasted pets!

The comment from the hoodie made me laugh, sorry! Makes a change from, get your legs up!

Well done on your 18 miler - I really am so envious. That has been a great training plan, hasn't it!

I'm going to try and build up my mileage this week so, fingers crossed for me.

Sue said...

PS. Did you get your Marathon News - what number are you? I'm 51662 starting in the red zone.

BaddApple said...

Great job on 18 miles. Keep up the good work. I have been watching your journey and have finally got on track myself. I have 50 days to get in shape for my first 1/2 marathon of the year so I need to go go go. I had a dog story too. I was running along and I suddenly felt this warm air at the back of my knee. I looked down and there was this big dog sniffing my leg. I thought he might take a bite. It freaked me out, but luckily he just wanted a sniff ran with me for a block and went home. Keep going. Cheering from afar.

Sarah said...

Thanks chaps !! S