Thursday, 13 March 2008

My achey breaky...... body !!

Now, I loved that 18 miles, but my body is telling me " Hang on!!!!!! I don't like this !!! " I went out on Tuesday to do my 5 miles and my hip and body were sore sore sore !! Every step hurt, especially on my right side. Still, I managed 4.1 miles which was good considering. The bad side of this though is that I've not been able to go out since. My back, just by my right kidney is really hurty. You know the feeling when all is well and then you get up too quickly and it takes your breath away ??

Never mind. I am loading myself up with anti-inflammatories and pain killers. Hopefully I will be ok enough to do a little easy run tommorrow and then make the 14 miles on Sunday. I actually feel really confident now after the 18 miles, so I just want to get to the start line fit and I think the work I've put in over the last 8 months will pay off. I just need to keep ticking over and anyway, hopefully this back and general body thing will go soon. Its amazing how quickly hurty things come and go.

On another subject, I got my Marathon News through and reading through it I noticed an article on a group of Masai warriors who are running the Marathon. They need to raise money to bring clean water to their village and they are going to run the London Marathon in full warrior gear, complete with shields and spears. Amazing !!

I can't get the link to work at the moment, but I will try again later. You can look them up for yourself at

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