Sunday, 16 March 2008

14 miles......and I'm feeeeeeeling gooooood !!!

I have been a very careful girl this week. After my Tuesday 4 miles I was soooooooo sore. My back, just below my right ribs was "well sore, man ", as was my hip, so I decided to dose myself up with painkillers and Voltarol ( anti-inflammatory ) and give myself a rest. On Friday I came home and felt pretty good so I did think for a moment that I would do a quiet 4 or 5 miles. However, that moment passed and the next moment I was asleep in my bed !!!

Today I awoke to pouring rain and wind. I had my breakfast of porridge and honey, paracetamol and Voltarol and texted my friends S & Z to say that I wouldn't mind if they didn't fancy running today. True to form they texted back to say that come rain or shine they would be there. Now those are 2 GOOD FRIENDS.

I did the first 7 by myself and was relieved to have no twinges with either my hip or back. Obviously there are the odd pains here and there, but this has taught me to know which pains to ignore and which pains to listen to. As I ran along in the rain and wind I felt FANTASTIC !!!! There is just something wonderfully liberating about running in the rain. Drips and drops stream off your face and your feet get wet through the puddles, mud splatters the backs of your legs, but its great !!!!!

I got to the meeting point a bit earlier than the girls so stretched and ran around a bit. They arrived and we toddled off. I was experimenting this week with " Run 5 minutes/ walk 1 minute " and it worked beautifully. It may seem like a cop out at first, but if you think about it... you ( I ) are running for 50 minutes out of every hour. That's still a lot of running. Over the Marathon that will mean me running for 5 hours and walking for 1 hour in total. But the walking allows my muscles to try a new position and for my heart rate to recover. They are just little recovery bits and it makes a huge difference.

So, just over 3 hours later, lots of mud and a lot of chatting and we were back. I feel GREAT !!! Only 4 weeks to go and its the DAY. I can't wait !!!!!

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Sue said...

Hi Sarah

Well done. That sounds like a very good plan. The end is in sight now!

I've decided to withdraw from the Marathon - I'm gutted but I think it's the right decision.

I'll be following your progress and cheering you on!