Sunday, 18 May 2008

Here she comes...

Today was an athletic day for the family !! I took both my boys to this race and registered them to run the 2k. Off they set like real speedy athletes and I couldn't believe my eyes when just over 9 minutes later son #1 ran round the corner to finish a brilliant 21st !! Son #2 came in 2 minutes later. Pretty darn good for a 10 and 8 year old eh ?? I was one proud mum !!!

I set off for my 10k a little while later with the ambition of running all the way if possible, but certainly to beat last year's time of 1hour 25 minutes.I hadn't run for ages at this time last year and struggled to run.

I felt much better this year and ran well. I did have to walk 5 times, but for no more than 55 seconds at a time. The course was through beautiful countryside - a little hilly at times, but generally lovely. One water station half way with lots of water ( thank goodness, after last week !)

My 2 boys joined me to run with me for the last 500 metres which was soooooo lovely !! Their own idea too !! I ended up running in with a smile on my face and my lovely friends cheering me ( they had stayed to see me in !! ) with a time of 1 hour 14 minutes. I was pleased with that.
All in all a jolly good day !!

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