Tuesday, 10 June 2008

5k Race for Life 2008

Last week I was soooooo bored with running. I am finding it difficult to get out and have no motivation. I had booked myself in to a Race for Life 5k, but really didn't want to do it. My first Race for Life was about 7 years ago. 2 of my friends and I had lost lots of weight - 8 stone between us ( that's 112 pounds ) and we walked round the 5k course. I remember at the time saying to my friends that I wanted to be able to jog around the course the following year.
The next year came and I did jog round !!

And here I am 7 years later with lots of 5k races under my belt, along with about 8 10k s, 2 half marathons, 4 Moon Walks ( 26.2 miles power walking ) and, of course, the Flora London Marathon. But last Saturday night I didn't feel like running.

Still, as Sunday morning dawned, I cooked my porridge, drank my water and pulled on my running kit. I smothered myself in sun cream and set off to the park. As usual for these events it was full of women of all shapes and sizes - old, young, fat, thin, and everything inbetween. The one thing we all had in common was that we were women and we were going to get round 5k to raise money for Cancer Research.

I went to the front of the crowd and off we set. It was hot and sticky, but I pushed myself hard. I just had to walk at some stages, but only for 50 seconds or so. For the first time in my running life I was not aware of the people at the Finish. All I wanted to do was get home as fast as I could. By home I mean the Finish Line. I pushed and pushed and can't really remember the end. All I know is that I grabbed my water, drank half and poured the rest over my head !

I broke 35 minutes, which is good for me this year - I've been doing 36+. And I was glad to have run. It again reminded me of why I run. And as I lay on the grass I watched the countless women still walking, still running - all doing their utmost to reach the Finish. All have their own story. I have come such a long way since my first 5k all that time ago and I plan to keep on going. Better, stronger, faster...

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FarmWife said...

I'm sorry to say, I haven't been by here in a very long time...so I went back to read about your marathon experience. I nearly wept for joy for you! I am amazed! You are so inspiring.

I'm toying with the idea of a 5K walk/run this time next year sponsered by my husband's employer. We shall see....