Thursday, 8 May 2008

What now ??

Well, what now indeed ? Its all very well declaring that you're going to run and run and become some snap dolly lean mean running machine.... its a different thing faced with the reality of being a 44 year old housewife with a leaning towards the short and plump. There's not a lot I can do about the short, but I can do something about the plump which is where the running comes in. Only trouble is.... I've just done a marathon and am in " recovery " !!!

Still, since the 13th April I have been out 5 times. My longest run was 4.5 miles and the shortest 2.2 miles. I have felt lethargic and without focus, but at least I have been going out. The good news is that I can feel my muscles energy starting to come back. Where as at the end of the marathon training I had not an ounce of vigour, now I can put on a turn of speed. Although to be honest you could do me under the trade descriptions act when I say "speed ".

Now, this weekend I have race booked. Its 5 miles, flat and pleasant. I hope that I can gird my loins and get out there and do myself proud. By that I mean that I don't want to come in last...or if I do then I want to be able to say that I ran all the way and did my best.

That's what it comes down to really isn't it ? Just doing your best. Whether you are Paula Radcliffe or ...... me. The good thing now the marathon is over is that I can go out and really enjoy my runs. It doesn't actually matter if I run 1 mile or 10.

As I was coming back over the field the other day and feeling, to be honest, a little down in the mouth, a young boy of about 7 or 8 came through the hedge carrying his cricket bat and stumps. I smiled hello and to my amazement he chirped up " Saw you back down the road... nice running ! " You could have knocked me down with a feather. I gasped " Thanks mate !" and as I jogged down the path the hot tears pricked my eyes. I know I'm a soppy old bird, but that little fella made me feel really special.

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