Saturday, 28 June 2008

Run # 2

Well, thank goodness. I have doubled my running performance on last week. Which is just as well because I have been downing large quantities of nosh like eating is about to go out of fashion!! My tummy feels like this...

...and is mainly filled with garlic doughy balls and chilli prawns. But at least I am still running. Of course it is difficult with a belly like this....but, despite m'lycra riding up over m'blubbery expanse I am keeping it up. The running. I even did my first mile quite quickly today. My neighbour has started running and I am looking forward to when we can run together. Not long, I reckon.

I found myself thinking today that now I've done the Marathon maybe I don't need to push myself so manically ( yeah right, hardly Lance Armstrong am I ??) I could actually just run 10 miles a week, 6 miles a week and be happy ??

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