Thursday, 21 August 2008

Can I do this ?

Well, its been a while since I've run, what with being on my hols, but today I went out. Just a couple of miles. I felt a bit wheezy to start with, but ignored it and it went away. After a mile and a bit my right knee started to be sore. It felt like when I was training for FLM - the right quad does something odd and makes my right knee hurt. If I stop and stretch the quad then the knee is fine. Its just a pain to have to keep stretching it. If you have any ideas then I'd love some help ??!!

I did have a down feeling today. I can't believe that only 4 months ago I was looking at runs of 7 - 10 miles as short easy ones !! Now I can't do 2 without my knee going !! Still, I know that its a case of slowly slowly catchy monkey and the improvement will come - I just have to do the work.

Not long now - October - and I'll find out if I'm in the FLM again. I have to lose some weight if I am going to be able to run better. So, I shall try. I need to cut out fat and eat more fruit, veg, etc. Its all about the mental side of things. If I feel positive mentally then I find everything so much easier. Its easy to let my negative thoughts overwhelm me, but I can't let that happen. This is not about me being an elite athlete - its about being fit, healthy and doing the best I can for as long as I can.

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