Sunday, 25 January 2009

26 minutes of "me " time..... lovely.

I am now hot sweaty and thoroughly happy. I have dinner in the oven, my husband downstairs playing with the boys, my laundry done and 26 minutes of running time under my belt today!

Its been raining most of the day, but by the time I got out it had stopped.I felt quite heavy today, but pushed myself and although I ended up not doing the route I had planned, I still was out for longer than has been my norm. It felt good to be out for some "me" time. I also seemed to have run a teensy bit faster. I know it doesn't matter, but for my own pride I like to see my times getting faster.

I am thinking on the whole that this time the running is for a long time. Not just for the marathon, but the rest of my life - a way to be fit both physically and emotionally. No point killing myself - I just want to enjoy it. And I am.